Principal Investigator

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Catherine J. Chu, MD, MMSc, MA

Dr. Chu is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and a board-certified child neurologist and neurophysiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. She divides her time between clinical efforts and research endeavors . Clinically, she cares for children with pediatric epilepsy and interprets pediatric and adult EEGs for diagnosis and management. Dr. Chu manages the inpatient Pediatric EEG service at MGH and the high density EEG program in the MGH epilepsy monitoring unit.  Following her clinical training, Dr. Chu participated in an advanced clinical investigator training program during which she developed skills in data analysis and advanced signal processing as well as clinical trial design and statistics. She is passionate about caring for children with epilepsy and better understanding this disease, with an emphasis on optimizing non-invasive information used for epilepsy surgical planning, understanding the impacts of epilepsy and abnormal physiology on brain development, and identifying reliable signals to guide clinicians in treatment decisions to improve developmental and epilepsy outcomes.

Current Lab Members

Dan Song
Clinical Research Coordinator

Dan graduated from Northeastern University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He collects and analyzes neuroimaging data for the BECTS project, with a focus on  cortical thickness and discharge localization. His interests lie in neurophysiology, brain-machine interfaces, computational neuroscience, signal processing and the future of neurotechnology. Dan plans to enter a PhD program in bioengineering or computational neuroscience.


Sally Stoyell
Clinical Research Coordinator

Sally graduated from Cornell University in 2016 with a BS in Biological Sciences and a concentration in Neurobiology and Behavior. Her undergraduate research focused on infant brain function using EEG measurements and its connection to infant memory behaviors. In the Chu lab, Sally manages study recruitment and data collection for the NSR study, manages study recruitment and helps with neuroimaging data collection for the BECTS project, and is working on a project with the structural MRI data collected in the BECTS study.


Emily Thorn
Graduate Student Research Assistant

Emily is a Master of Science (Medical Sciences) candidate at Boston University. Previously, she graduated from Western Washington University with an interdisciplinary degree in Anthropology and Biology, including minors in Chemistry and Psychology, and served as a community health educator with the Peace Corps in Albania. Emily joined the MGH Epilepsy Service in 2014 and the Chu Lab in 2015. She investigates neuroanatomical and functional connectivity using 3T/7T MR imaging and high density EEG/MEG source localization.


Mckenna Parnes
Graduate Student Research Assistant

Mckenna is working on her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology at Suffolk University. Previously she did her undergraduate work at Sarah Lawrence College in Psychology and then received an MSEd in Counseling and Mental Health from the University of Pennsylvania. Within the Chu lab she helps collect neuroimaging and neuropsychology data for the BECTS project and is working on a project with the MRI data collected.

Lauren Ostrowski
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Lauren Ostrowski is an undergraduate student at Brown University studying Computational Neuroscience, with particular interest in the developing brain and neuroplasticity. At the Chu lab, Lauren analyzes neuroimaging data for the BECTS project, focusing on tractography. After graduation, Lauren plans to apply to medical school and pursue a career in clinical neurology and neuroscience research.


Grace Xiao
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Grace Xiao is an undergraduate student at Harvard studying neurobiology and economics. She is interested in creating impact through research, policy and entrepreneurship. In the Chu lab, Grace assists with collecting and analyzing neuroimaging data for the BECTS project.


Collaborators & Advisers

Steven Stufflebeam, MD
Associate Professor of Radiology, MGH, Harvard Medical School
Matti Hamalainen, PhD
Associate Professor of Radiology,  Harvard Medical School
Sydney Cash, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Neurology, MGH, Harvard Medical School
Mark Kramer, PhD
Associate Professor of Math and Statistics, Boston University
Kevin Staley, MD
Professor of Neurology, MGH, Harvard Medical School

Randy Gollub, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry,  Harvard Medical School

Andrew Cole, MD
Professor of Neurology, MGH, Harvard Medical School
Ona Wu, PhD
Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School
Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology, MGH, Harvard Medical School
Brian Edlow, MD
Instructor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Britt Carlson Emerton, PhD
Instructor of Psychology, MGH, Harvard Medical School
Amy Morgan, PhD
Instructor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School










Former Lab Members

Jennifer Leahy, BS (Last Reported Position: PhD student in Psychology)
Stefania Sokolowski, BS (Last Reported Position: Strategic Analyst at Sloan Kettering)
Rayna Trietsch, BS (Last Reported Position: Medical student at Tufts)
Juan Diaz, BS (Last Reported Position: MBA student at Dartmouth)
Katica Boric, PhD (Last Reported Position: Motherhood!)
Kyla Cordrey, BS  (Last Reported Position: Medical student at Johns Hopkins)
Rebecca Weiss, BS  (Last Reported Position: Research coordinator in Neonatology at MGH)
Wenting Xie, BS  (Last Reported Position: Moving abroad!)
Erin Ross, BS  (Last Reported Position: Research coordinator at UCSF)