With continuingĀ support from:

2020-2025 NIH NINDS R01NS119483 (PI: Chu)

2020-2024 NIH NIMH UG3MH125273 (PI: Manoach)

2020-2025 NIH NINDS R01NS115868 (PI: Chu)

2020-2024 NIH NINDS R01 subcontract (PI: Glass)

2023 NIH NINDS R01NS102574-01A1 (PI: Wu)

Past Funding:

2019-2020 Biogen Sponsored Research Award

2016-2020 Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute

2015-2020 NIH-NINDS Award #K23-NS092923

2015-2016 MGH Pediatrics Pilot Feasibility Project

2013-2015 Claflin Distinguished Scholar Award, MGH Executive Committee of Research

2012-2015 NIH-NINDS Award #K12-Ns066225

2011-2013 Clinical Investigator Training Award, The Harvard Catalyst Clinical Translational Science Center

2011-2012 Clinical Research Training Fellowship, American Brain Foundation, American Academy of Neurology

2010-2012 Infantile Spasms Research Award, Child Neurology Society